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Enhancing Environments with One-of-a-Kind Fused Glasswork

Seed of an Idea    4.5' tall
University of  WI- Whitewater
Glass and steel
Larger installations: themed murals, privacy walls, free-standing sculptures, and waterwalls. I work closely with interior designers, architects and clients to assist with their visions.  For educational facilities, the we offer workshops to teach concept development for public artwork, glass working, and environmental stewardship 'statement-making'. The results are meaningful pieces of art that offer lasting impressions. (click to enlarge)

River Fusion
UWRF Student Center  20' long
The Kinnickinnic River
Tree of Life     5' tall
on cherry wood curved base

Sustainable Agriculture  5' x 7'
University of WI  Whitewater   
Glass and Steel
The Proud Earth Beckons    2' x 4'
Camp Douglas, U.S. Military Facility, WI
                              715-220-8105                             email: bonnie@rubinsteinstudio.com
Eco-Art Legacy   11' x 13'
River Falls High School, WI  
Eight Ecosystems, designed by 20 students
Balance     available
Glass and steel   3' tall
Life in the Universe - available
Glass and steel   5' tall
Dreamer's Amulet - available 
Glass and steel    5' tall  
Sheer Inspiration II     available      
20" diameter   

Sheer Inspiration I   26" diameter   
Boston Residence
Ocean Scape  9 ' x 3'  Lit  from behind
Florida Keys Estate
Ocean Scape -another view