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Enhancing Environments with One-of-a-Kind Fused Glasswork

Seed of an Idea    4.5' tall
University of  WI- Whitewater
Glass and steel
Larger installations: themed murals, privacy walls, free-standing sculptures, and waterwalls. I work closely with interior designers, architects, and clients to assist with their visions.   The results are meaningful pieces of art that offer lasting impressions.  I offer lectures focused on concept development for public artwork and environmental stewardship 'statement-making' .     (click images to enlarge)

River Fusion
UWRF Student Center  20' long
The Kinnickinnic River
Tree of Life     5' tall
on cherry wood curved base

Sustainable Agriculture  5' x 7'
University of WI  Whitewater   
Glass and Steel
The Proud Earth Beckons    2' x 4'
Camp Douglas, U.S. Military Facility, WI
                              715-220-8105                             email: bonnie@rubinsteinstudio.com
Eco-Art Legacy   11' x 13'
River Falls High School, WI  
Eight Ecosystems, designed by 20 students
Balance     available
Glass and steel   3' tall
Life in the Universe - available
Glass and steel   5' tall
Dreamer's Amulet - available 
Glass and steel    5' tall  
Sheer Inspiration II     available      
20" diameter   

Sheer Inspiration I   26" diameter   
Boston Residence
Ocean Scape  9 ' x 3'  Lit  from behind
Florida Keys Estate
Ocean Scape -another view