Wall Sculptures

Larger installations include themed murals, privacy walls, aerial sculptures and free-standing sculptures. Bonnie works closely with interior designers, architects, hospitals, schools, restaurants, and residential clients to assist with their visions. ​The results are meaningful pieces of art that offer lasting impressions.

For many pieces, Bonnie creates brushed steel sections to enhance the designs. She first shapes, then permanently bakes colored enamels into the steel. The glass and steel together, both utilitarian and industrial materials, are being crafted and transformed into flowing, esthetic forms.

Bonnie works closely with art consultants, hospital, religious and university staff to develop themes and content of commissioned artwork. The focus is on healing, inspirational, or playful art themes, as per needs of each location. She also has worked with clients who have health/emotional challenges, that wish for art to bring them comfort in their homes.


University of Wisconsin, River Falls, Student Center 20′ tall, ‘River Fusion’