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Project Scope

Welcome to a new experience in fused glass art in all its glory; with vibrant colors, shapes, imagery, and textures. Ancient methods of glass forming brought to life again, with dramatic sculptural outcome.

Art designed and manipulated at room temperature then fused in kilns at up to 1410 degrees over several days.

Results worth waiting for!

Elegant and Exciting Fused Glass

Why do clients love this glass? Because they own show-stopping one-of-a-kind glass work that enhances their space with fun and sophistication. 

Bonnie's clients include residences, restaurants, hospitals, schools, public buildings and design professionals. 

Anything you need in glass- functional or esthetic art- describe your vision and Bonnie will work with you to make your artistic vision happen.


Each custom-made piece is created to needed specifications and with different levels of difficulty. Hence, each is priced individually. 


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