Floating Metal Aerial Sculptures

Light as Air, Spectacular to See...

Bonnie was commissioned to create these aerial sculptures for Westfields Hospital Rotunda, New Richmond WI, and the historic Allen Building (office plus residential), downtown St. Paul. 

The pieces are vibrant when lit from front or back.

Bonnie created all the pieces and planned and oversaw their installations. Users of the spaces enjoy them as ‘uplifting and positive energy’. 

Aerial Sculptures are wonderful space-saving additions for art in restaurants, hotels, schools, hospitals, office buildings; any large open space!

     'Luminous  flight'
25’ diameter Aerial Sculpture,
Westfields Hospital Rotunda
New Richmond, WI
'Waves of Blue'
Office/Residential Building
      Downtown St. Paul

Bonnie Rubinstein Studio | Fused Glass Sculptures Available in Wisconsin

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