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Welcome to my Glass Gallery
One of a kind glass art pieces you will be proud to own!
Send me a photo of your space and I will show you how the art looks there!
Contact Bonnie with inquiries or to place an order:

All organic fused glass compositions celebrate the flow and visual purity of nature.     

Enhance your home or office.

(for more views of these pieces, contact me).

We ship nationwide. Prices do not include shipping.  (We deliver to Twin Cities' clients $50.)

Synergy Series

My goal was to create sculptures that bring about a feeling of symmetry and harmony.

Pieces include hand-created elements and bubbled glass forms. Individually they are fired at 1500°, cooled, and then applied to the larger art piece, which is then fired at 1400°.

Synergy Glass Sculpture, Table Top Sculpture

Synergy 4   $675

  Size: 25” x 13”.  

Synergy Fused Glass Sculpture

Synergy 3  SOLD

  Size: 25” x 13”.  

Synergy II  b reduced.jpeg

Synergy 2   SOLD

  Size: 25” x 13”.  

Long 'Boat' Platters /Sculptures

These 30” long fused glass serving platters bring interest to any meal,

plus serve as table centerpieces.

Glass art is formed during several firings at 1400°.   Then fired at t 1100°, the glass slowly slumps to its new shape in a specially made mold.  Shape is graceful, yet durable.


           Profile of Long Boat Platters

Blue Fused Glass Platter, Glass Sculpture

  Sculpture and Platter  $750

'Winding River'

Cobalt/green  30" long  by 12" wide.

Amber Fused Glass Platter, Glass Sculpture

              Sculpture and Platter    $750

Autumn Breeze

             Amber   30" long by 12" wide.  

Blue Fused Glass Platter, Glass Sculpture

              Sculpture and Platter    $750

'Simple Elegance'

                Cobalt/Amber   30" long by 12" wide.  

Fused Glass Platter, Glass Dish

              Sculpture and Platter    $450

        'Under Water Sea Grasses', playful

16 " x  12 " x 2" deep

1mg1459 skewed.2.jpg

'Finding My Path'  Glass table top sculpture. 18" x 12" including stand  $550.

Life presents so many options;  but with time we find the best road to follow for our situation. This art has a magical planetary orb, a landscape we can wander through,   bubbling waters, and a white 'pebbled' path to guide us. For any room or office.

Finding My Path.4.jpg
Table top sculpture, fused glass, seascape, ocean art

'Seascape'  Glass table top sculpture. 18" x 12" including stand  


Fused Glass Wall Murals

Fused glass wall art, mural, beautiful art, dsign, interior design.

Glass Wall Murals    

Water and nature in glass! Glass is defined as ‘a super-cooled liquid’.  I think about how water can best be portrayed. I hand- create bubbled glass and add that to depth and layers of different blues and aquas to achieve the sensation of a moving body of water.   We often sail on lake Superior and that is my inspiration.

'Brilliant Waters'

    36" x 24"       

                 $1,900                      Special pricing

Fused glass wall art, beautiful art, mural, interior design, design.
Fused glass wall mural, glass art, beautiful art, interior design, design.

'Reaching for the Sky'

40" x 24" 



Life in Balance 1200 edited a.jpeg
life in balance room red.jpeg

'Life in Balance' 48” x 34”  $3,200.  SOLD

This fused glass and metal wall mural was inspired by nature, with an abstract ‘planet’ floating above the growing vines, sky, the outer universe, all in harmony.. what a mysterious balance!

Fused glass light sconce, glass art, glass light fixture, beautiful art, interior design, design.
Crimson Sconce - 1_edited.jpg
Tall light sconce, fused glass, custom made lighting fixture- 1 2.jpeg

Light Sconces  32" x 10"     $1,500.  Each   

Crimson and Blue Abstract

Beautiful colors add vibrance and interest to your spaces. 

Fused glass chandelier
Fused Glass Chandelier
'Spiral art chandelier'
ass 17" diameter x 12" deep   $1,600.

Vibrant colors bring light, life, and fun to your space with this  17" diameter 12" deep chandelier. Comes complete with nickel-toned fixture.
Height adjustable to your needs.
IMG_3454 2 copy.jpg
'Blue Flow chandelier'
24” diameter.  $3,700.
Striking pure colors of blue and aqua glass, with bubbled glass elements.
Height to ceiling adjustable on brushed nickel fixture.

Contact Bonnie to talk glass/ place an order:

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