I have had a long-term commitment to dynamic, creative, yet balanced design and composition.  I combine

this with a variety of glass forming techniques I have developed.


My Professional Experience

* received advanced degree in urban design /landscape architecture

* was site planner and designer for urban spaces and resorts in NY, OH, CO and MN, including Beaver Creek Ski Resort, CO 

* was designer/fabricator of an exclusive line of high-end sculpted fashion jewelry which sold at better stores and art galleries nationwide. (i.e. Saks Fifth Ave., I Magnim). Featured in top designer fashion and trunk shows. 

* founded EcoSource, Inc., environmental consulting company to the commercial sector of the Twin Cities from 1990- present. Clients include: Target Corp., MSP Int'l Airport, Andersen Corp., Cargill Corp., Lunds/ Byerly's.


But it was glass that always pulled at me.  Mesmerized by clarity, color, and light playing its games with the medium, I dove in; from studying glass blowing at the Toledo Museum of Art, where Harvey Littleton created the studio glass movement, to creating stained glass art and neon at Minnesota Institute of Art.


I then built my glass-fusing studio in a funky former big ol' dairy barn in

Wisconsin.  Visitors are welcome, but please call in advance!


​Why Fused Glass?

It is the medium of fused glass that allows an artist to integrate specific composition

into the glass that remains intact in the kiln when properly monitored, so the design 

outcome is controlled. Many of the featured elements in the art are created over a

week or two, and formed in layers prior to firing in the kiln. I integrate metaphor,

fantasy, and nature in the design concepts. My urban design background shows itself

in the 'scapes’ that appear in the work. 

My Goal...

To bring glass art to public and private spaces in ways unseen before. ​To integrate 'character' into the glass and steel with intention, and to make this craft 'speak' to those who experience it. ​ To make the spaces that serve as the glasswork’s new home more elegant and exciting.   This is fulfillment!

​All of Bonnie's pieces have titles and stories to tell.. feel free to ask!

Bonnie Rubinstein Studio | Decorative Glass Art for Sale in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Environmental Stewardship


Bonnie has performed commercial environmental audits since 1990, and monitors the studio's waste stream and materials sourcing. The studio is as close to being a zero-waste shop as possible, and is sustainable in many ways.


  • All glass scraps are used in future pieces. 

  • Water is needed to run the saws, cutters, and grinders, and used minimally.  

  • Bonnie picks up sheets of glass in her van in large quantities; so no huge  boxes, bubble wrap, or peanuts are needed, unlike required packaging for shipping.

  • The studio is heated only when in use, and by an efficient gas heater, never set above 60, even in frigid weather. During summer months, the studio remains cool and comfortable in the lower level of a large former dairy barn. The doors on both side are kept open for cross ventilation. The concrete floor we poured helps retain the coolness. In the colder months, we unroll a carpet to insulate against the cold. 

  • The cabinets, table tops, desk, chair, carpeting, and large florescent lights were all procured from office remodeling projects, where they were headed for the dumpster. 


Supporting sustainable values is a priority!

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