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Enhancing Environments with One-of-a-Kind Fused Glasswork

I work closely with art consultants and hospital staff to develop themes and content of commissioned artwork.  I focus on healing, inspirational, or playful art themes, 
as per needs of each location. (click to enlarge)

                              715-220-8105                             email: bonnie@rubinsteinstudio.com
The Children Lead the Way  5' x 3'
Children's Hospital, Mpls., MN

Children’s Hospitals, Mpls. and St. Paul,  MN 
I was commissioned to create pieces which would highlight different aspects of the cultures of the communities using this facility. Emphasis was on the music, instruments, dance, fabrics, and flags of the Hmong, Native American, Latino, and African American communities.  

Up, Up and Away  5' x 3'
Children's Hospital, St. Paul, MN

I Dance with You this Song  5' x 3'
Children's Hospital, Mpls., MN

Autumnal River II     28" tall
St. Joseph's Hospital, Oakland, MI
Surgery Dep't.
Blue Flow    30" tall
St. Joseph's Hospital, Oakland, MI
Doctor's Lounge
Nature in Balance   36"
Mother Baby Center- Celebration Plaza  Mpls., MN

Reaching for the Sky II     24" x 48"
Hennepin Co. Medical Center
Reaching for the Sky  24" x 48"
Boston Childrens' Hospital
The Joy is in the Journey    28" x 60"
Associated Dentists, River Falls, WI