About Bonnie and Glass

It was not glassblowing, neon, or stained glass that drove me, although I adored working with glass. I saw a bigger picture of what glass could do, in its scale, its ability to convert light, and its impact on a space. I envisioned glass art spread across a wall or hanging from the ceiling in new ways. I purchased fusible glass in a variety of brilliant colors and a kiln on faith and experimented. And, literally, the light went on.

Then I absorbed as much as I could through trial and error. I focused on perfecting visual techniques while learning the technical intricacies of managing the outcome of glass at 1450 degrees.

What medium plays with form, color, and light the way glass can? This mezmerizing material still awes me. I am passionate about it.

The outcome- I fire and shape colored fusible glass into many architectural uses. My clients are commercial, residential, health care, and educational facilities nationwide.

Please check out my work to see samples of my sculptural glass compositions….